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Health Care Design Conference - 2013 Boston


Where Healthcare and Design Intersect

The problems are large. Design can help solve them. We are the conduit. Join us.

At HxD 2013 you’ll join designers, technologists, product managers, researchers, entrepreneurs, visionaries, and dreamers representing a broad spectrum of companies and organizations in the health care space. Through this inspired mix of presenters and attendees, HxD will explore the overlap of healthcare and design. Speakers will discuss how human centered design and design thinking can improve the quality of health service delivery and digital interactions, helping all of us achieve better health.

A Message from Amy Cueva

Why do you attend conferences? To learn new tips and tricks? Affirm you’re on the right path? Refresh or rewire your brain? Rub shoulders with people you admire?

When your life’s work has meaning, it’s not a job, it’s a passion. HxD 2013 was designed for you. The you with an insatiable curiosity. The you that’s been a patient, or has taken care of one and knows we must do better. The you that got into this work to make a difference.

We are bringing together luminaries in the health care field, giving you access to amazing thinkers, showcasing outstanding work, and making the power of design clear.

The theme of HxD 2013 is well-being as the foundation for health. Speakers will discuss how life--the messy stuff, the real stuff--can either support or interfere with our ability to care for ourselves and our families. We'll ask: How does life management, stress management, relationships, emotions, sleep, and other factors affect our health? How can this thinking be woven into our solutions? What is our role in helping people achieve a fuller sense of well-being?

At HxD 2013, we’ll explore behavior change, public health and health literacy, care experiences, managing chronic conditions, design innovation, research and design methods, and case studies. The voice of the patient will be loud and clear - designers who have battled disease will share how it’s changed the way they approach their work. You’ll even have the chance to tell your own patient story.

This conference demonstrates how bringing together people with shared interests and diverse talents will drive change forward. Come to HxD 2013. Be part of the change design ignites.

- Amy

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