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Health Care Design Conference - 2013 Boston

Conference News

At Healthcare Experience Design conference, designers rethink 'broken processes'

At the third annual Healthcare Experience Design conference on Monday, several hundred designers, developers and other creative thinkers put their minds to drawing up better experiences for patients and providers alike.

"We need you to help this industry learn how to do better," Jacob Reider, MD, chief medical officer at the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT, told the crowd as the day began.

SuperBetter's McGonigal: Games can lengthen your life

Attendees at Mad*Pow's Healthcare Experience Design (HXD) 2013 conference in Boston got one freebie that wasn't in the gift bag: an extra seven-and-a-half minutes of their life. At least, that's according to SuperBetter founder Jane McGonigal, who took attendees through a demo of the SuperBetter game in her morning keynote.

SuperBetter, a Rock Health startup that's received a fair amount of media attention, is a website (and iOS app) that helps people dealing with a range of challenges turn their life into a game in order to better face that challenge. McGonigal said the game now has more than 250,000 users. A clinical trial of 40 patients, conducted by The Ohio State University, is currently under way to test the efficacy of SuperBetter for helping patients recover from traumatic brain injuries.

Q&A: HxD conference co-founder Amy Cueva talks user-centered design

As health IT evolves and matures, focus is shifting, if sometimes slowly, from checklists of technical specs to broader challenges related to technology design and usability.

At the Healthcare Experience Design (HxD) conference, which is sponsored by Portsmouth, N.H.-based experience design firm Mad*Pow and takes place March 24-26 in Boston, designers, technologists, product managers and entrepreneurs will explore the ways healthcare and design intertwine, looking for ways to improve the digital interactions of patients and providers alike.

HXD Is Coming: Don't Miss Out!

The long-awaited third annual Healthcare Experience Design Conference (HxD) will be held on Monday, March 25th at the Boston Westin Waterfront Hotel.

Physicians, researchers, product managers health care leaders, designers, technologists, entrepreneurs, thinkers, visionaries, dreamers and the MedCrunch team will join forces to explore how human-centered design and design thinking can improve the quality of health delivery and digital interactions.

Change Agents Wanted: Cigna Design Challenge Added to HxD 2013 Agenda

Conference attendees can apply their conference learning and extend it in a newly announced design challenge from Cigna. This fast-paced team challenge invites participants to flip the relationship consumers have with their health insurers.

Too often as American healthcare consumers we rush to the doctor first, sort through the bills and paperwork later. What could inspire or motivate us to change our behavior so that instead, we partner with our health insurers to understand costs, savings, and coverage options ahead of time? What would lead us to explore options and engage our health insurers as trusted advisors with the same goals we have – to get and stay healthy?

Healthcare Experience Design show plans patient engagement strategies

Don Fluckinger, News Director

Article Published on January 31, 2013 -

Amy Cueva, founder and health care principal for experience design firm Mad*Pow, wants to improve health care through the application of design. Her company sponsors a one-day conference in Boston, Healthcare Experience Design (HxD); this year's edition takes place March 25.

HxD has a decidedly health IT focus, as well as a patient engagement strategies segment. Jamie Heywood, co-founder of, will headline this year's HxD, as will Walking Gallery painter Regina Holliday. In this podcast, we sat down with Cueva and asked her what health care providers' IT leadership can expect out of the conference.

HXD Promotes Smarter Healthcare through Design

Mike Millard, Managing Editor, HealthCare IT News

Article Published on March 27, 2012 -

"We're in a classically disruptive moment right now," said newly-minted U.S. Chief Technology Officer Todd Park, speaking Monday at the Healthcare Experience Design (HxD) conference, "from which more good will come than we can possibly imagine."

The HxD conference, organized by Mad*Pow design agency and Claricode, a developer of medical software, gathered academics, designers, developers and user experience experts – from MIT, Stanford, Mayo Clinic, Kaiser Permanente, Siemens, Allscripts and more – for a day-long confab aimed at rethinking the ways design and philosophy could be brought to bear on electronic health records, mHealth apps, medical devices, clinician workflow and the patient experience...

8 Takeaways: HxD Conference 2012

Nathalie Collins, Design Strategist, Luminary Labs

Article Published on March 30, 2012 -

The Healthcare Experience Design Conference (HxD) blends the powerhouse perspectives of healthcare thought leaders, product developers, and design implementers across a broad spectrum of healthcare technologies and delivery channels. Informative, inspiring and above all practical, this conference will empower technologists, usability practitioners, design practitioners and thought leaders to improve healthcare technologies from electronic health records to web-based applications, medical devices, and human services.

HxD Conference: People First, Patients Second

Sara Koo, Student, School of Visual Arts

Article Published on April 3, 2012 -

The focus of the conference centered mainly on behavioral design and big data–Themes that aren't surprising given the trajectory of wellness apps of late. In fact, the two themes go hand-in-hand: A growing accessibility of big data should beget a good look at behavioral design, and well-crafted behavioral design should beget meaningful use of data.

But I want to push the conversation in yet another direction. While the main conference sessions focused on the aforementioned themes, the case studies presented in an adjacent ballroom spoke of analog applications for experience design.

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