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Health Care Design Conference - 2013 Boston


Martin Adler

Co-Founder & Product Manager, Healthrageous

Designing Work for Health and Profit

Helle Rohde Andersen

Interaction and Service Designer, CIID Consulting

Network of Care for Type 2 Diabetes

Richard Anderson

Principal Consultant, Riander

Preventing Nightmare Patient Experiences Like Mine

Ryan Armbruster

VP, Innovation Competency, UnitedHealth Group

Design and Innovation: The Human Perspective

Andre Blackman

Founder, Pulse + Signal

Visual Storytelling for Public Health Innovation

Sean Brennan

Senior Envisioner, Continuum

The #NEXT Generation of Healthcare

Dan Brousseau

Partner, Emperia LLC

Health Navigation

Jan Bruce

Founder, CEO, meQuilibrium

Stress is the New Fat

Adam Connor

Experience Design Director, Mad*Pow

Critique and Design Studio: Improving the Way We Discuss, Share and Evaluate Designs and Ideas.

Zen Chu

Medical Tech Entrepreneur & Investor, MIT

Hackable Areas of Healthcare

Amy Cueva

Co-Founder and Chief Experience Officer, Mad*Pow

Conference: Opening Address

Eilidh Dickson

Project Leader & Senior Interaction Designer, CIID Consulting

Network of Care for Type 2 Diabetes

Dustin DiTommaso

VP User Experience, Mad*Pow

Systems for Self-Regulation

Alexandra Drane

Founder, Chief Visionary Officer and Chair of the Board, Eliza Corporation

Considering the Whole Individual

Peter Eckert

CXO (Chief Experience Officer), projekt202

Rethinking the Fertility Patient Journey

Nir Eyal


Designing for Persuasion

Christopher Fabian

Co-leader and Co-founder, Innovation Unit, UNICEF

From Malawi to Minnesota: Hyper-Local System Design and Global Scale

BJ Fogg

Director, Persuasive Tech Lab at Stanford University

Masterclass in Behavior Design: One Full Day of Hands-on Learning

Nina Gilmore

Principal UX Designer, Oracle Corporation

Living a Full Life with Chronic Illness

Aliza Gold

Senior Experience Designer/Researcher, projekt202

Rethinking the Fertility Patient Journey

Megan Grocki

Experience Design Director, Mad*Pow

Illustrating the Big Picture: Customer Journey Mapping

Michael Hawley

Chief Design Officer, Mad*Pow

Research Techniques, Journey Mapping, Design Studio

Chris Herot

CEO and Co-Founder, SBR Health

Video Health
Workshop: Designing Communities of Care: Strategic Interaction Design for Healthcare

Jamie Heywood

Co-founder, Chairman, Patients Like Me


Sandy Hilfiker

Principal and Director of User-Centered Design, Communicate Health Inc.

Reader-Centered Design for Health Communication

Regina Holliday

Founder, The Walking Gallery of Healthcare

"...but a sword:" Art, Icons and Medical Advocacy

Dr. Ivor Braden Horn

Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Children's National Medical and George Washington University School of Medicine

Inclusion by Design

Colleen Jones

Principal, Content Science

Content Analysis: From Inventory to Insight

Jess Kadar

Principal Product Manager, Iora Health

Breaking the Mold

Jeanine Kierkels

Design Research Consultant, Philips Healthcare Design

Experience Design for Labor & Delivery

Janna Kimel

Senior User Experience Researcher, Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield

Am I Normal? Findings From Research on Text Messaging for Chronic Conditions

Kijana Knight

Senior User Experience Researcher, projekt202

Rethinking the Fertility Patient Journey

Samantha LeVan

Senior User Experience Designer, Mayo Clinic

When the Designer is a Patient: A View from the Inside

Brian Loew

CEO, Inspire

Patients Have the Power

Valerie Mais, BASc

Project Lead, University Health Network

The Team Scorecard Project

Rodrigo Martinez

Life Sciences Chief Strategist, IDEO

HxD: From the Big Picture to Painting by Numbers

Katie McCurdy

Experience Design Consultant, Mad*Pow

Patient Innovators and Instigators

Cassie McDaniel

Design Lead, Healthcare Human Factors, University Health Network

The Embedded Designer: How to Make Designers an Integral Part of Your Team

Jane McGonigal

Author; Inventor & Co-Founder, Reality is Broken, SuperBetter


Molly McLeod

Creative Director, CommunicateHealth

Reader-Centered Design for Health Communication

Neema Moraveji

Director, Stanford Calming Technology Lab

Calming Technology

Dante Murphy

Global Experience Director, Digitas Health

Influence Mapping in Healthcare: How information design and organizational dynamics can improve the quality of health communication

Joep Paemen


Effective Ways to Apply a Human Centered Design Approach to Mobile Health Care

Ryan Panchadsaram

Senior Advisor to the US CTO, The White House

Evolving Health IT User Experience: The View from DC


Jacob Reider

Chief Medical Officer, ONC HIT, US Dept of Health and Human Services

Evolving Health IT User Experience: The View from DC


Gretchen Rubin

Author, The Happiness Project

Why I Spent a Year Trying to Sing in the Morning, Clean My Closets, Fight Right, Read Aristotle, and Generally...


Dr. David Sobel MD, MPH

Medical Director of Patient Education and Health Promotion, Kaiser Permanente


Jeff Stevens

Web Content Optimizer, Academic Health Center at the University of Florida

Jamie Thomson

Senior Experience Designer, Mad*Pow

Cigna Design Challenge

Brian Tilzer

Chief Digital Officer, CVS Caremark

The Digital Revolution: Leveraging the Consumer Journey to Deliver Transformative Health Experiences

Toi Valentine

Experience Designer, Adaptive Path

Playing Nice: Facilitating Multi-disciplinary teams to create better holistic experiences

"Last year’s HxD conference was so amazingly inspiring, and has definitely caused me to strive harder and become more passionate about improving our healthcare system." - 2012 HxD Attendee

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