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Health Care Design Conference - 2013 Boston


About Me

Richard Anderson is a "user/customer experience" practice, management, and organizational strategy consultant/teacher/commentator/editor with international management, cross-organizational development, and more than 20 years of experience. Via various consulting, advisory, and employment roles, and his workshops, courses, conference programs, and more, he has helped move 'user/customer experience' into a position of greater influence in numerous companies, impacting a diverse assortment of products and services along the way. At CHI 2007, Richard received SIGCHI's Lifetime Service Award for extensively facilitating and spreading the development of the field via his leadership contributions to BayCHI and to other chapters of SIGCHI around the world.

Richard has written and published numerous articles, has taught courses via UC Berkeley, UC Santa Cruz, and the Academy of Art University, and has spoken and conducted workshops at numerous conferences worldwide. He has worked in multiple management roles and shared Editor-in-Chief duties for interactions magazine for three years with Jon Kolko.

Relatively recently, Richard shifted a large part of his focus to social innovation and the patient experience. His talk will explain why.

Q&A with Richard

HxD asked speakers to tell us what inspires and drives them in healthcare and design. Check out our Q&A with Richard Anderson!

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  • Q1: What is your burning mission in health?

    To change the U.S. healthcare system in such a way that others will not have to experience the nightmare that I experienced.

  • Q2: What is something you want everyone to see?

    A healthy, productive, and impactful Richard Anderson!

  • Q3: Why it inspires you?

    I've managed to come back from a most dire situation.

  • Q4: What is your patient story?

    I will share part of my patient story during my talk.

  • Q5: Why HxD?

    Experience designers and researchers can and need to play a major role in the needed transformation of the U.S. healthcare system and the patient experience.

  • Q6: Why come to your session?

    Within a dramatic context, I'll provide you with some ideas regarding how you can have a bigger impact on the healthcare system and the patient experience.

Richard at the Conference

CONFERENCE | Monday, March 25

Preventing Nightmare Patient Experiences Like Mine

Richard will detail some of his nightmare patient story, some of what was responsible for it, and some of the implications for how healthcare experience designers and researchers need to work.

"Last year's HxD conference was so amazingly inspiring, and has definitely caused me to strive harder and become more passionate about improving our healthcare system." - 2012 HxD Attendee

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