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Health Care Design Conference - 2013 Boston


About Me

Rodrigo Martinez is passionate about the crossroads of design + biology at all scales. As Life Sciences Chief Strategist at IDEO and member of the Health & Wellness practice, he tackles some of the most interesting challenges in health care, life sciences, and the emerging wellness space. With his colleagues in Boston, Rodrigo is also experimenting different approaches to design with living organisms.

Rodrigo learned to love science-by-doing at the Exploratorium in San Francisco - first as a seven-year-old, and later working there as a teenager. Before joining IDEO, he was a principal with The Boston Consulting Group in the health care practice. With Juan Enriquez, Rodrigo co-founded Harvard Business School’s Life Sciences Project and coined the term ‘bioeconomy’ in a series of papers and articles starting in 1997. In 2003, he co-published the first global genetic data map selected by Rem Koolhaas to be part of a WIRED’s ‘Ultimate Atlas for the XXI Century.’ HBS Working Papers include “Biotechonomy 1.0: A Rough Map of Biodata Flow,” “SARS, Smallpox, and Business Unusual.”

Rodrigo has worked on projects in 11 countries on topics including innovation, evolution of technology, biopharma R&D, scientific and industrial partnerships, and economic growth. He is a regular guest lecturer at Harvard and MIT on topics including innovation, design and entrepreneurship, health and wellness. Educated at Mexico City’s ITAM and Harvard, Rodrigo mostly learns creativity, innovation, and prototyping from his 5-year-old daughter. He loves spicy food and is a runner - he is currently training for his first marathon.

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Q&A with Rodrigo

HxD asked speakers to tell us what inspires and drives them in healthcare and design.

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  • Q1: What is your burning mission in health?

    Enabling unexpected moments for well being

  • Q3: Why it inspires you?

    It’s a great example of human resilience

  • Q4: Why HxD?

    For the most part, the experience of healthcare is the worst among all industries.

  • Q5: Why should someone come to your session?

    You have something to add to the discussion of how we might create better experiences in healthcare bottom-up.

Rodrigo at the Conference

CONFERENCE | Monday, March 25

HxD: from the Big Picture to Painting by Numbers

Designing better experiences in healthcare is complex, difficult and often overwhelming. What if we were to build these experiences bottom-up, from isolated touch points and principles towards a cohesive system? How might we apply simple lessons from great experiences in other industries? Lets discuss.

"Last year's HxD conference was so amazingly inspiring, and has definitely caused me to strive harder and become more passionate about improving our healthcare system." - 2012 HxD Attendee

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